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Kettlebells 101

Kettlebells Workshop

  • Telok Kurau Park


We love training with Kettlebells at Sweat Co, from Sumo Squat High Pulls, Bent Over Rows, and the class favourite, Goblet Squats. This workshop is for ALL LEVELS. From, beginners who quietly freak at the sight of the Kettlebells, to those who jump for joy. During the workshop, we will delve deeper into our Kettlebell practice. Finesse our basic movements, perfect the trajectory of the Kettlebell on our Sumo Squat High Pull and explore the difference between our Goblet Squat and the Romanian Deadlift. Kettlebells 101 will be introducing the Rack Position and the Kettlebell Swing. We will touch on the positioning of the Rack Position and how this hold will open up so many more single-arm movements. The Kettlebell Swing will be making its Sweat Co debut! Have you been hankering to get your Swing on? We will be going through the basics of the Swing and how to perform it correctly and safely. The class will be kept small. Pace is slow, this is NOT a Sweat Co sweat session, this will be conducted as a workshop, to go over technique and form. You will receive one on one coaching in the workshop. The aim is to improve your confidence and familiarity with Kettlebells, so when we come to training with Kettlebells in class, you will be, YES! I'VE GOT THIS!

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You must cancel your booking at least 12 hours ahead of the class. No shows and late cancellations will be deducted from your account.

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