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Sweat Co Classes

Sweat Co runs four styles of outdoor bootcamps throughout the week in the east of Singapore.

45mins | Monday | 7:30am | 6:30pm

SweatQUICKIE is inspired to counteract the Monday Blue. Expect a moderate intensity workout designed to leave you feeling energised and refueled for the week ahead. SweatQUICKIE is your Monday JUMPSTART. 


60mins | Wednesday | 6 & 7am

Hands down, Sam's favourite. Focus is on strength and form, intensity is dialled down and we fine-tune our technique and work on strength gains.


60mins | Thursday | 7:15am

Felicia will be guiding you through a 45-minute sweat explosion of boxing rounds with strength and conditioning drills.


60mins | Saturday & Sunday | 7:30am

Our most popular class runs on both Saturday and Sunday. We mix up our training styles, Interval Training, strength, agility, boxing, sprints and let the sweat fly. Sunday's class is a repeat of Saturday's.

Just getting started? It’s all good, movements can be modified to suit you, we understand everyone moves differently, we will work with you.

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